Engineering team

Thoroughly trained and selected, Toan Dung’s engineers have the qualities to ensure you bring the most beautiful and comfortable living space. That is the style of work dedicated, professional, able to grasp, quick access to the system of machinery, modern technology, high aesthetic eye, enthusiasm and especially business spirit Experienced occupation. The team of engineers of Toan Dung worked and created directly at the factory with a large scale – equipped with the most modern equipment and also regularly updated information, advanced technology. In the world, ensure bring absolute satisfaction to customers when choosing cooperation with Toan Dung. In addition to constantly learning the famous units in the country in terms of production experience, each year, Dong Gia’s engineers meet, exchange and exchange experience with engineers of advanced countries such as: Germany, Italy, Australia … to catch up with changing world trends and best meet the needs of customers. Owning a monopoly factory, modern equipment system and the best conditions in operation, Toan Dung’s team of engineers is constantly innovating to bring the best products, medium The heart of the most demanding customers. Taking customer benefits as a motto, with each living space, engineers have different creative options, aiming to portray the individuality and lifestyle of each host. With continuous efforts of engineers in particular and production teams in general, Dong Gia has become the reliable address of more than 10,000 domestic and foreign customers, deserves to stand in the ranks of the units set. Design, interior decoration leading prestige today. Cho Dung is the choice of class for the living space of your family!